When Traveling With Your Children – Learn To Deal With Travel Sickness

When Traveling With Your Children – Learn To Deal With Travel Sickness

Travel sickness is common in children. It occurs particularly during car and train journeys and causes considerable inconvenience to the parents. Sea-sickness is also common in small children. It has been estimated that under severe conditions only 20% of un-acclimatized children remain entirely free from sea-sickness.

Children about 2-12 years old are more prone to motion sickness, but it may begin in the earliest infancy. The child becomes pale, quiet, looks unwell, the stomach gets upset, cold sweat that results in loss of appetite or vomiting. The excitement which is so common before a journey predisposes to it and may even cause vomiting before the journey begins.

Following are the common things that can prevent your child from travel-sickness.

  • Avoid heavy meals before traveling.
  • Avoid drinking non-natural drinks and try not to feed your child with a milk or citric drinks.
  • Consult your pediatrician for anti-sickness medicines.
  • Try acupressure bands and massage gently on your child’s feet or palms.
  • Engage your child with some activities so that your child doesn’t stare out much.
  • Try to maintain your child posture with little movements.
  • Ginger root is an excellent natural herb for travel sickness. Even ginger root capsules are available.
  • Sing songs with your child or make your child listen to his/her favorite songs.
  • Provide air ventilation in the car, it helps to reduce motion sickness.
  • And if the child is not comfortable with the other activities, then try to make him/her sleep.

If your child feels nauseous immediately stop the vehicle so that the child can have a walk before continuing the journey or have your child lie on his or her back for a few minutes with closed eyes.

If all the above techniques do not work or your child is suffering from a severe motion-sickness, then consult your pediatrician.




Written by: Dr. H. Kaur

Edited by: S.Ray

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