3 Proven Strategies For Fighting And Winning Over Spring Allergies

3 Proven Strategies For Fighting And Winning Over Spring Allergies

Are you one of those who is susceptible to the spring allergies and is always searching for the ways that can spare you from this irritant? Then, here is your quick guide.

3 strategies that will help you in avoiding your sufferings


The primary technique is to recognize the problem causing factors. Pose a few questions to yourself that can help you perceive the problem:

  1. How do you feel at a specific time of the year, particularly in spring?
  2. What are the substances that trigger the symptoms?
  3. Find what are the substances that help you in minimizing the symptoms?
  4. What brings you the complete relief?

If you want to conquer your spring allergies, you need to reframe your thoughts and activities.

All you need to do is follow these five basic steps:

  1. Avoid going out in the air filled with active pollens i.e. between 5 am to 10 am.
  2. Install HEPA (High-efficiency particulate air) filters in your home.
  3. Take on some allergy tests and find out the eatables that cause the allergic reactions. Some common foods to avoid are – items with excessive sugar, peaches, cherries, milk, and apples.
  4. Invest time in alternative techniques like – electro-dermal screening, acupuncture and natural sensitivity reducing techniques. 
  5. Take prescribed supplements.

This approach encourages you to pamper yourself. Get back to your normal life while maintaining the commitment and determination to keep your spring allergy under control.

It is a myth that such health issues and allergies cannot be avoided and cured. If these simple steps are followed and taken care of then one can win over these problems and live a healthy life.

If the allergies are severe and you are unable to predict the cause of your allergy, then consult a doctor. Some of the allergies can be serious and need immediate consultation.

Never let the fear of allergy get over you.

Written by: Dr. H. Kaur
Edited by: Z. Anwar


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