Human Reflexes – Some Funny, Some Serious Facts We All Should Know

Human Reflexes – Some Funny, Some Serious Facts We All Should Know

Reflexes are automatic or involuntary actions performed by our body in response to something that is not expected. Reflexes are of different types and every one of us has them.

Facts About Human Reflexes 

  1. Primitive reflexes – Found in newborn babies that last only for a few months. Like – if we put something in the baby's hand, the baby tries to grip the object.
  2. Conditioned reflexes – Habits make conditioned reflexes. Simple examples include playing basketball, holding a cup of tea without thinking, etc.
  3. Territorial reflexYawning is another example of human reflex, which serves to make the body appear larger by including the actions like - opening of the mouth and the stretching of the arms.
  4. Mammalian diving reflex – A phenomenon that helps the person to stay underwater for a longer period. Often seen among aquatic mammals, is now reported among humans as well. The reflex got triggered when our face comes in contact with cold water. This reflex is functional even if the person is unconscious while falling in the water and thus helps in preventing drowning.
  5. Post-micturition convulsion syndrome – Also known as Pee-Shivers, is a shivering sensation that run down the spine after urination. Not fully understood by the scientists, the reflex is still a mystery. The reflex is mostly seen among men than women.
  6. Lazarus Sign – Common among brain dead people, the patient raises his arm and bend it over his chest like an Egyptian mummy. The reflex is often preceded by goose bumps and trembling.
  7. Goosebumps – Most common reflex among human beings, goose bumps appear on the skin when a person experiences something cold or emotional like – pleasure, melancholy, phobia, fear or sexual arousal. 

Then, there are other reflexes triggered by our brain to protect our body from things that could pose us harm like – touching a hot stove generates an immediate reflex of withdrawing the hand.

So, next time you experience any one of these reflexes, don’t get amazed, just enjoy the period and let others know about it!

Written by: Dr. Harman

Edited by: C. Soni


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