Poor Eating Habits Are Meant to Be Broken – Start Here

Poor Eating Habits Are Meant to Be Broken – Start Here

Mark Twain famously quoted “The only way to keep your health is to eat what you don’t want, drink what you don’t like, and do what you’d rather not”.


However, we are here not to discuss what to eat or drink; but to discuss 5 extremely unhealthy eating habits. Avoiding these habits will not only lose those extra pounds but will remain active and energetic leading to an improvement in your overall health!

Skipping breakfast

The most common mistake that we do is skipping a breakfast, which means losing energy in the early hours of the day. That eventually leads to munch on anything (chips, fried stuff) throughout the day.

Eating large amounts of food in one go

Also known as food binging, which is the result of skipping meals. We let our body starve until it is on the verge of starvation. Then we load it with food that makes the situation even worse. It is important to eat smaller meals and increasing the frequency of meals rather than eating a large meal in one go.

Stress eating

Sometimes we regard eating as a form of stress buster, which is another really bad eating habit that eventually leads you towards obesity and other chronic diseases. Eating while stressed or without being hungry munching on your favorite candy, chocolates, chips, ice creams may make you feel better for a short while, however, this is one habit that you need to break.

Eating while performing other activities

Eating while watching TV, reading, chatting with friends, talking over a phone, unknowingly leads to over-eating.  Make sure to eat your meals without the distraction of any other activity. You will not only enjoy your food better but will be surprised as to how this simple habit will cut down your overall food intake and help you lose weight too!

Eating at late hours

Eating too close to bedtime will not only lead to weight gain but welcome other problems like acidity and disturbed sleep. Make sure to eat several hours before your bedtime. Avoid eating large meals before bedtime.

Changing your lifestyle by taking small steps at a time will lead you to an overall improve in your health and even provide you a boost towards your weight management goals.

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Written by: Dr. Harman Kaur

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